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Professional Accounting

Fehr & Associates will help with your professional financial demands:

  • Tax return preparation: Our expert tax consultants will prepare your personal and corporate tax returns
  • Business year end accounting: Years of experience working with businesses of all sizes gives us the knowledge to help management with company year-end accounting adjustments and prepare for you a Notice to Reader report
  • Review engagements: If you have a lending agreement with a bank or a contract requiring independent review of your financial statements, we can help to clarify and explain. A review engagement does not give the same level of assurance as an audit; however it may be necessary for you to stay compliant with your agreement.
  • Contract or retail lease compliance audit procedures:  When you have a lease or contract which requires the other party to account for their activity in a specified manner, we will verify that the other party is compliant to the agreement. For example, if a lease requires the tenant to report 4% of sales revenue, we can verify the reported amount corresponds to their records.
  • Trust account audit: Whether you are dealing with lawyers or real estate agencies, they both require annual trust account audits. We will prepare you for your audit or perform the compliance audit.
  • Audits for EMD Corporations: Strong knowledge of how an EMD operates enables Fehr & Associates to help your small business with this regulatory requirement.
  • Strata Corporation audits: A strong background in real estate and property management makes us uniquely qualified to help you manage a Strata audit. Since Strata Corporations require an audit unless there is a 75% vote resolution at a General Meeting waiving the audit it is likely you will need our help.

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Practical Approach

Ensuring compliance with tax and accounting regulations can be a daunting task. Our team will make accounting simpler by working with you to organize and understand your finances.

Solutions Oriented

Fehr & Associates will design solutions to fit your needs. With our “keep it simple” approach, we will help you get organized, strengthen your infrastructure and improve your efficiency.

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